Client comments

Companies certified under the DBJ Environmentally Rated Loan Program

The following responses were anonymous:

  • Since questions are reviewed each year, we obtain a good picture of the changes taking place in the external environment.

  • We show our internal divisions know that even everyday environmental activities are considered for assessment- and certification-based lending. This motivates our employees to pursue environmental awareness in their work.

  • DBJ looked at more than just our own firm’s information, but used the interviews to seek accurate information on many topics. We have been audited on many other occasions, but never in such detail or with such efficiency. We are truly grateful for the experience.

  • The environmental division doesn’t take front row in our firm, so being given a high environmental rating has proved encouraging to employees, including those on the shop floor.

  • It was especially useful to get a third-party opinion and a stakeholder’s perspective on our efforts.

Companies certified under the DBJ Disaster Resilience Rated Loan Program

The following responses were anonymous:

  • It was extremely useful to have our initiatives confirmed and analyzed objectively, as this not only allowed us to identify issues needing resolution, but also led to our receiving favorable lending conditions.

  • Through the BCM ratings, our issues were quantified and analyzed so that we could apply the findings to future initiatives. The process has encouraged a greater awareness of business continuity management throughout the entire company.

  • The items included in the checklist gave us a good picture of our progress organization-wide. We also gained a detailed understanding of how we should move forward in this area as a company.

  • Thanks to the preferential interest rates we received through our BCM rating, even back office members have been able to contribute to corporate profit.

Companies certified under the DBJ Employees’ Health Management Rated Loan Program

The following responses were anonymous:

  • The feedback included graphic representations of score percentages and other items, all very easy to understand. We could see clearly the areas and issues in which we were lacking and learn from the successful examples of other firms. This gave us confidence that we could take the specific steps needed to resolve the issues indicated.

  • DBJ’s objective assessment of our activities gave us benefits that were even greater than those of the loan. It showed us our underlying strengths and enabled us to understand what we needed to do in order to improve still further in the future.

  • Individual staff members have limited power in moving a company forward. Our Employees’ Health Management rating has proved a big motivation for upper-level management.