Designing physical and mental health
into the workplace

DBJ Employees’ Health Management Rated Loan Program

By publicizing outstanding examples of the many companies we have rated for their efforts in employee health and workplace management, we hope to encourage a change in approach: from “sick care” (treating illness which has already occurred) to “health care” (working proactively to maintain health), and in this way to promote employee wellness and more sustainable companies and communities.
Our aim in encouraging the spread of health management ratings is to foster dialogue between our clients and their employees, investors and other stakeholders, express the value of employee health and welfare initiatives in visible form, and see that these are reflected in a company’s value.


The DBJ Employees' Health Management Rated Loan Program is the world’s first financing menu to incorporate health management ratings. Using a proprietary screening system, DBJ rates enterprises on the quality of their care for employee health and their working conditions, and offers financing conditions based on the results.

DBJ Employees’ Health Management Rated Loan Program

Assessment scheme for employee health management ratings

The scheme has three parts: health management I (physical and mental health), health management II (work flexibility and diversity), and engagement (job satisfaction).

For health management I and II, we ask about initiatives that help to energize people and the organization itself in light of each company’s growth strategies, from the dual perspective of preventive medicine and work flexibility and diversity.

For engagement, we ask about key measures for enhancing worker engagement, as well as monitoring processes that lead to improved present data analysis and task clarification via the firm’s mid-to-long-term personnel strategies and worker engagement (job satisfaction).

Area Assessment item
Health Management I
(Physical and mental health)
  • A Management framework for corporate health initiatives
  • B Analysis and understanding of employee health status
  • C Establishment of targets and plans for employee health
  • D Measures for lifestyle-related diseases
  • E Measures for mental health
  • F Enhancement of health management; initiatives for stakeholders
Health Management Ⅱ
(Flexible and diverse working options)
  • G Optimization of working hours; improvement of work efficiency
  • H Creation of a safe and fulfilling work environment
  • I Compliance
  • J Outstanding health management initiatives
(Job satisfaction)
  • K Personnel strategy that takes in mid-to-long-term changes in the business environment
  • L Analysis and understanding of conditions and qualities relating to job satisfaction
  • M Specific measures to improve job satisfaction

* Screening sheets are updated annually after consultations with outside experts and the outside authorities on the Advisory Committee to ensure that they incorporate the most recent trends in the field.

* Target clients
Clients who are located in Japan and meet the requirements established by DBJ.

* Use of funds
Same conditions as for ordinary loans; no special restrictions.