Advisory Committee


The Advisory Committee includes experts with a deep understanding of employee health management. Their advice and proposals on DBJ’s business circumstances, its social contributions and related issues are provided from a broad perspective and are key to realizing the product concepts incorporated in the DBJ Employees’ Health Management Rated Loan Program.
Their opinions make the DBJ mission clearer and more specific while facilitating the program’s implementation at the practical level.

Outside members

Name Principal position

Yusuke Komatsubara

Director, Insurance Department, National Federation of Health Insurance Societies (Kenporen)

Seitaro Dohi

Head of Chief Health Management Dept.
Human Resources & Employee Relations Division , Mitsui Chemicals,Inc

Takayuki Hirai

CHO Office, Chief agency DeNA Co., Ltd.
President and CEO, EggStellar Co., Ltd.

Yuji Furui

Specially appointed Professor, Healthcare Data Science Research Unit, Policy Alternatives Research Institute, The University of Tokyo;
Member of the expert advisor to the Cabinet Office Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy and a visiting professor at Jichi Medical School.

(As of June 29, 2018)

FY 2018 agenda (excerpt)

  • Outline of DBJ health management rating; results
  • Examples of the use of DBJ health management rating ratings; public awareness initiatives
  • DBJ health management rating screening sheet amendments