Designing a sustainable society through a balance of
corporate growth and environmental awareness

As more investors prioritize ESG criteria, companies are needing to show investors how the growth of their business will lead to the resolution of social issues.
The spread of environmental ratings has encouraged dialogue between business operators, investors and financial institutions. Our aim is to see that environmental management is reflected in corporate value along with other non-financial aspects which have been insufficiently examined up to now.
By offering ideas for corporate investment and lending and market penetration, we want to work with investors and financial institutions in building a sound financial environment over the mid-to-long term – one which appreciates firms that practice the kind of environmentally conscious management required by communities and the economy as a whole.


The DBJ Environmentally Rated Loan Program is the world’s first financing menu to incorporate environmental ratings. Using a proprietary screening system, DBJ rates enterprises on the quality of their environmental management and offers financing conditions based on the results.


Assessment scheme for environmental ratings

The scheme is twofold: one part covers environmental management, the other sustainability.

The environmental management section focuses on a company’s environmental awareness, in terms of its overall management structure and its entire range of business, and the resulting performance data in respect of important environmental issues.

To assess sustainability management, evaluators look at key issues affecting long-term sustainability management and the strategies devised to achieve them, as well as steps taken to promote innovation and human resource development for that purpose. Other items assess KPI and dialogue with stakeholders.

Area Assessment items and sub-items
  • General management
  • A Environmental management system
  • B Identified environmental issues
  • C Disclosure and community involvement
  • D Compliance
  • Business activities
  • E Environment-friendly products and services
  • F Expanding sales for Environment-friendly products and services
  • G Environmental considerations in facilities
  • H Supply chain
  • I Outstanding environmental management initiatives
  • Environmental performance
  • J Measures addressing Global warming
  • K Measures for effective use of resources
  • L Measures for water resources
  • M Toxic waste countermeasures
  • N Other
  • W Materiality
  • X Strategies
  • Y KPI (initiatives involving materiality; guidelines for measuring achievement)
  • Z Initiatives worthy of special mention

* Screening sheets are updated annually after consultations with outside experts and the outside authorities on the Advisory Committee to ensure that they incorporate the most recent trends in the field.

* Target clients
Clients who are located in Japan and meet the requirements established by DBJ.

* Use of funds
Same conditions as for ordinary loans; no special restrictions.