Advisory Committee


The Advisory Committee includes experts with a deep understanding of environmental policy, environmental management and other aspects of the field. Their advice and proposals on DBJ’s business circumstances, its social contributions and other issues are provided from a broad perspective and are key to realizing the product concepts incorporated in the DBJ Environmentally Rated Loan Program. Their opinions make DBJ’s mission clearer and more specific while facilitating the program’s implementation at the practical level.

Outside members

Name Principal position

Sachiko Kishimoto

Executive Director, Public Resources Foundation

Morio Kuninori

Professor, Faculty of Sustainability Studies at Hosei University

Takejiro Sueyoshi

Special Advisor, United Nations Environment Finance Initiative (UNEP FI)

Takeshi Mizuguchi

Professor, Faculty of Economics at Takasaki City University of Economics

Tomohiko Yamaguchi

Consultant, Cre-en Inc.
Joint Representative, CSR Review Forum-Japan

(As of June 29 2018)

FY 2018 agenda (excerpt)

  • Outline of DBJ environmental ratings; FY 2017 results
  • Utilizing environmental ratings
  • Initiatives for broader environmental financing
  • Explanation of screening sheet amendments