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Non-financial dialogue: What companies need now.

Huge and rapid changes have affected the business environment in recent years, including climate change, the emergence of a variety of social issues, and shifts in the industrial structure. For companies to achieve sustainable growth and improved value over the mid-to-long term, they must address sustainability head-on, and ensure that these changes are reflected in their management strategies. DBJ views dialogue with stakeholders as being crucial to this process.

Since 2004, DBJ has supported its customers’ sustainable growth through non-financial dialogue under the DBJ Certification Programs.

In addition to supporting our customers’ sustainable growth through the DBJ Certification Programs and offering the groundbreaking financing methods of Sustainability Linked Loans and transition finance, DBJ is expanding its menu of non-financial services to offer a wider range of non-financial support.

We will continue our efforts to build a sustainable society through dialogue-focused initiatives.

DBJ Sustainability Linked Loans with Engagement Dialogue

Through dialogue, we help firms set the SPTs that will best motivate them toward enhanced sustainability management and achievement of their SPT goals.